Energy Independent Farming

Bennamann is undertaking a project that aims to demonstrate a revolutionary new approach to energy independent sustainable farming and:

This project is part-funded
 by the European Regional
Development Fund

  • maximises the use of on-site renewable energy resources in combination with animal waste, such as cow manure, to supply all the energy needed for the farm, taking the site off-grid and reducing operational costs;

  • delivers commercially viable net zero carbon energy products (biogas and liquid biofuel) from animal waste for local sale and distribution, providing an additional income to the farm business;
  • improves the sustainability of farmland management practice through minimisation of artificial inputs such as manufactured fertiliser, lowering operational costs and reducing pollutants;
  • provides site assessment methods and business models that will enable roll-out to scale across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, the UK and the rest of the world.
The three local knowledge and innovation partners that have come together to collaboratively deliver this project are Bennamann Ltd (Lead Partner), Chynoweth Farm Partners and the University of Exeter.

During their 2022 Capital Markets Day, our partners CNH Industrial presented their plans for methane powered tractors and explain how, when combined with our circular economy solution, these help enable energy independent farming. (Source and Copyright CNH Industrial. Capital Markets Day 2022 Full Video available here)


FPT Industrial presents an energy independent farm concept based on their Smart Hybrid Hub and our fugitive methane capture, process and use technologies. (Source and Copyright FPT Industrial).

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