6-Farm pilot gets off to a good start

Despite the poor weather this Autumn, the Bennamann team pulled out all the stops to ensure the first of the 6-Farm Pilot sites, Trenance Farm, was accepting slurry before year end. This is a key milestone as one of the main advantages to the farmer and the Environment Agency is improved slurry management, especially in the winter months when heavy rains can result in run-off related impacts. Apart from the potential pollution of the water catchment, a loss of nitrogen from the soil can subsequently lead to an increased use of artificial fertilisers, with associated financial cost to the farmer and a higher carbon footprint.

The Trenance lagoon now needs to be partly fill with slurry prior to the gas capture membrane installation and in the meantime the team are busy completing the design of the first liquid fugitive methane storage system and mobile BioCycle plant. In parallel, our pilot biogas customer, Cormac, have begun using their methane powered truck for roadside maintenance, routinely ‘filling-up’ with Chynoweth gas delivered from our mobile compressed methane filling system. Great progress in the 3 months since the project started.

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