Delivering a Local

Clean Energy Revolution

Cows digest grass
Methane captured from manure slurry
Biomethane produced and distributed
Biomethane used on the farm
Biomethane sold to customers

Using our innovative approach, livestock farms of any size can fully cover their manure slurry lagoons, capture the fugitive emissions they produce, establish energy independence, and improve business profitability through reduced energy and fertiliser bills, as well as sales of high value biomethane fuel.

When integrated around the ‘Bennamann Cycle’, our technologies create a circular economy model for livestock agriculture, unlocking multiple benefits to our customers and delivering a local clean energy revolution.


Bennamann and New Holland Win Prestigious Award
CNH Industrial Takes Controlling Stake in Bennamann
World's First Liquid Methane Tractor

Debuted by New Holland Agriculture

The Climate Action Portfolio

Bennamann's high-impact action project

Working in partnership
with CNH Industrial

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