Big steps forward on the 6-Farm pilot

The first of the six Cornwall Council Estate Farms in the 6-Farm pilot, Trenance, is now undergoing final commissioning of its new slurry lagoon, on-site plant room and biogas filtration system. And following successful demonstration of the mobile BioCycle plant at Chynoweth in July, that unit has moved to Trenance and will be used to produce the first saleable vehicle grade fugitive methane for Cormac’s newly acquired methane powered trucks. It will also be used to provide fuel to Bennamann’s own company truck as well as support field trials of New Holland’s methane powered tractor, which are currently underway on a well-known commercial farm at a secret location in Cornwall.

With momentum gathering at pace on the project, work has now also started on the second farm in the pilot group and the ground will be broken at the third before the end of the month. As our installations at each of these farms shift from construction to commissioning and production, Bennamann will in parallel be increasing our emphasis on fugitive methane capture, processing, sales and distribution, thereby doing our bit to help the UK answer President Biden’s recent call for a 30% reduction in methane emissions relative to 2020 levels to be achieved by 2030!

The new slurry lagoon, on-site plant room and BioCycle unit installed at Trenance Farm, Cornwall.
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