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New Holland Agriculture debuts world’s first liquid methane fuelled tractor

Original article from CNH Industrial

New Holland unveils a revolutionary new tractor that uses Bennamann’s technology for fuel tanks and fuel supply.

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FPT variable-speed hybrid gen-set tested in UK

Original article from Diesel Progress

The Smart Hybrid Hub powered by FPT Industrial is a completely new project for environmentally friendly power generation.

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Partnership allows farmers to run tractors on their home-grown fuel

Original article from Brownfield Ag News

A partnership between UK-based Bennamann Ltd. and New Holland has developed a way for farmers to run a tractor on their own farm-produced fuel.

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Utilising slurry for energy independence

Original article from Farmers Guardian

A slurry storage and processing system, which could provide extra income for dairy farms and help to comply with legislation, is being piloted in the South West.

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Methane tractor trial a success for large-scale horticulture business

Original article from Cornish Mutual

Cornish vegetable grower Riviera Produce has had success trialling a methane-powered tractor fuelled by Bennamann’s manure slurry sourced fugitive methane.

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Secretary of State showcases Bennamann’s innovative technology at the Devon County Show

Press Release from Defra

George Eustice’s speech highlights that Bennamann is helping farmer’s capture the methane from slurry stores and turn it into biomethane, creating an additional income stream for farm businesses.

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