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British company develops the first-ever tractor that runs completely on cow dung
Original article from Business Insider India
British company has created a 'New Holland T7' tractor that runs on cow dung.
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New poo-powered tractor could lead the way in sustainable farming
Original article from CBCC Newsround
The world's first poo powered tractor has been unveiled and it could pave the way to more sustainable farming in the future.
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Coming to a farm near you… the world’s first manure-powered tractor
Original article from The Telegraph
British firm unveils the eco-friendly New Holland T7, which it claims can give diesel counterparts a run for their money.
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World’s first slurry-powered tractor
Original article from Business Cornwall
A Cornish company pioneering the capture, storage and use of methane gas sourced from farm slurry has seen its groundbreaking technology incorporated into the world's ...
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New Holland Agriculture debuts world’s first liquid methane fuelled tractor
Original article from CNH Industrial
New Holland unveils a revolutionary new tractor that uses Bennamann's technology for fuel tanks and fuel supply.
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FPT variable-speed hybrid gen-set tested in UK
Original article from Diesel Progress
The Smart Hybrid Hub powered by FPT Industrial is a completely new project for environmentally friendly power generation.
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